Use Cases:

Hypnosis and Surgery:

Patients receiving hypnosis during medically invasive procedures use significantly less medication (75% less in some studies), report less pain (level 2 vs 5 on a 0-10 scale), less anxiety and have shorter procedure times. There have been studies showing efficacy of all ages from children to the elderly.

Wounds in clinical trials of mammaplasty surgery and bone fracture patients healed significantly faster using hypnosis than standard post-operative care.

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Patient Testimonial:

I was having panic attacks before my surgery. I was afraid of dying on the table. Working with Stacy with hypnosis I trained myself to relax deeply, and faster each time. I could not get over how much calmer I was throughout my day. When I played it during my surgery, my body was trained to relax quickly right away. I continued to play it as I healed and was back to my exercise routine two weeks early. My doctor couldn’t believe how fast my wound and body healed." 

–Josh Newman