My daughter is ten and suffers from so much anxiety that she can’t go to school. One of the things she looks forward to most is her Skype session with Stacy. She has such an amazing way with kids. My daughter would ask to listen to the recording Stacy made for her before and after situations that used to terrify her and now do not. Thanks to Stacy, she is going out more than ever before, doctor’s visits are so much easier and she is even taking a yoga class. I cannot get over how quickly she has progressed in such a short time.
— Sue Townsend
I had been overweight for 50 years. I had tried everything; diets, exercise, Landmark, therapy, two other hypnotherapists… In hypnosis we worked through trauma at a deep level that I didn’t realize was related to weight loss. I felt like a huge burden had lifted and this led to healing other parts of my past. Within three months I was at the weight that was comfortable and healthy for me, exercising, eating well and truly caring for myself.
I was having panic attacks before my surgery. I was afraid of dying on the table. Working with Stacy with hypnosis I trained myself to relax deeply, and faster each time. When I played it during my surgery, my body was trained to relax quickly right away. I continued to play it as I healed and was back to my exercise routine two weeks early. My doctor couldn’t believe how fast my wound and body healed.
— Josh Newman
I was terrified of dying once I found out I had heart disease. Even as a yoga teacher, I could never drop in as deeply with yoga as Stacy taught me to relax. She helped me transform my anger and fear into acceptance and seeing what I could learn from this experience. Hypnosis brought my sleep back and got rid of my long history of irritable bowel syndrome. I would notice even listening to the hypnosis in the morning, I had much calmer reactions and a more relaxed state of mind throughout my day.
— Dana Murphy
Stacy’s work with hypnotherapy was life-changing for me. I had been struggling for years with an eating disorder and found the sessions with her to be extremely helpful. Stacy helped me see that the body is truly a voice – it speaks for us when we do not speak for ourselves. I was able to clear a lot of emotional blocks that were triggering my condition. If you are looking for an excellent and empathic guide to help you access the unexpressed needs beneath your own symptoms, I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Stacy. She is a warm, generous human being and a wonderful person to work with. I give her my highest recommendation.
— Sonika Ozdoba
I was the kind of guy who would never see a therapist. Someone said I should see Stacy to stop smoking. She helped me stop smoking by seeing how I smoked and had other addictions to cope with sexual abuse I had as a kid. I never wanted to think about it but hypnosis helped me get there and take care of it.
— D. Davis.
I was terrified of birth and had the lowest pain tolerance of anyone I knew. I wasn’t set on natural birth but I ended up not needing any pain medication and had three beautiful births with Stacy’s recording that she and I created. Most importantly she gave me the life-long skill of learning to relax deeply. I went from being a constantly anxious person to a calm person, and now a calm mom. What an incredible gift to have given me and my children. Thank you, Stacy!
— Amy Anderson
As a stressed out mom of four, there was no time to take care of myself. After my heart attack, I was motivated at first but was back to my old ways after six months. Hypnosis with Stacy has helped me make lasting change. I know I won’t smoke again and now really believe my exercise, healthy food and meditation keep the whole family happy.
— Diana Ingalls
I originally came to Stacy because my seven year old son was so angry and hitting his younger sister. Stacy was amazing at facilitating peace processes between my two children and getting to the bottom of my son’s anger. My kids adore her. My husband and I ended up seeing her for our relationship and she completely transformed our entire family system for the better.
— Karen Gillan
I had chronic migraines where I needed to stay in bed and had tried everything. When I used Stacy’s hypnosis recordings, my pain level was a 3 instead of a 7. Then we used hypnotherapy to understand the emotions behind the pain. Once I gave myself permission to experience and work through repressed anger, I stopped having migraines all together.
— David Wright
The only thing that worked for the leg pain from chemotherapy was Stacy’s hypnosis recordings.
— Gina Constantino
I had chronic low back pain. I had tried everything—physical therapy, acupuncture, surgery, pills, chiropractors... I had nothing to lose when a chiropractor suggested I see Stacy. Using hypnosis, we identified patterns of grief and loss I was repressing despite all of the therapy I had done. Once we worked through it, my back pain stopped. Stacy is very good at sorting through complicated histories and getting to the heart of the matter.
When I found out I had cancer I was so anxious. The fear of the unknown was overwhelming. I couldn’t sleep or think straight. I had a botched surgery and that added so much anger and resentment to the mix. I was amazed at how hypnotherapy helped me feel so calm. I never imagined I could have completely let go of my anger but, with Stacy’s help, I even got to a place of gratitude for all the cancer had taught me. Stacy’s help was invaluable during one of the most critical times of my life.
I went to see Stacy to help me with labor, which she did and it worked to have a calm, natural birth. But even more than the help she gave me during that 12 hours, was the life-changing transformation she helped me achieve that will benefit me and my kids for our lifetimes. She helped me heal the emotional baggage I had been avoiding and knew I wouldn’t have time to address for awhile as a new mom. My fear of being a mother went away. I am such a better person, wife and mother and I didn’t pass along all of my emotional baggage on to my kids! My work with Stacy was the most important preparation I did before the baby came.
— Renee Wilder
My mind just runs at night. The heavy medicines made me feel groggy. The light ones didn’t work. I listened to all of the guided meditations I could find and still couldn’t sleep. Doing hypnosis with Stacy was different than with other hypnotherapists. The hypnosis helped me access patterns of causes of my anxiety, of which I had not been aware, even in many years of psychotherapy. My anxiety went away. I found myself continuing to listen to the hypnosis at night because I slept so much deeper with it than without.
— Thomas Quinn
I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for 15 years. I had tried everything. Stacy helped me discover it was due to stress from fear. I don’t have any symptoms anymore. I was so amazed.
— Thomas Payne
I listened to the recording Stacy made with words tailored to me and my situation and my baby rotated within a week. Thank you, Stacy!
— Regina Silo