In one session I tailor a hypnosis recording to you, after we discuss any relevant emotions, perspectives and background you have about the situation. We jointly select words and suggestions that are meaningful to you. After you leave my office, as you repeatedly listen to the recording on your own, you are "re-programming" your own behavior and training yourself to relax and drop more deeply into a trance state when you hear it.  Some people find themselves dropping in right away while others may need to listen to it a handful of times before they find themselves letting go and relaxing into it. This type of hypnosis, called "suggestion hypnosis" is good for preparing for medical procedures, improving healing rates post surgery, and teaching yourself to relax deeply. It may/may not address the root cause of symptoms since it is a single session.



This is different from the way most hypnotherapists practice. We will use the breath and guided relaxation to let the mind rest, giving the client an opportunity to tune into their body. Using the relaxed state gained by hypnosis, the client accesses the part of themselves that knows what they need to heal. Stacy and the client use insight inquiry questions and answers to uncover the root cause of symptoms and heal it at the subconscious level for lasting change.

Usually at least three sessions are needed to see progress on an issue. The rate of healing will vary depending on the nature of the issue and the client's attachment to it:

1st session: Gather your emotional biography

2nd session: Experience hypnosis and connect to an inner resource

3rd session: Use hypnosis to address an issue